7 reasons why to opt for a one piece swimsuit instead of a bikini

While creating my own one piece swimwear company, I can guarantee you that I didn’t have only one goal on my mind. Here are seven reasons why to opt for a one piece swimsuit instead of a bikini.

  1. To hide that little belly we all have.

Let’s be honest, not everybody is confident in a bikini. We always compare ourselves to others on the beach, even I do it. This is why with a one piece, you can say goodbye shy and hello confidence!

Photo Credit: Fanny Bernier


2. You don’t have to change clothes to go to the grocery.

Bikinis are strictly prohibited in stores, but one pieces aren’t.



3. You can wear it as a bodysuit.

You have a night out and you don’t know what to wear? Easy, take your one piece out and pair it with your fav bottom. Nobody will ever notice it, and they’ll even compliment you on your outstanding outfit. We love it when it’s simple!


4. You don’t want that awkward “boobs staring” conversation.

Well ladies, with a one piece, it will be easier to skip that awkward moment.

Photo credit: Émilie Hébert


5. You’ll be ahead of the fashion’s trend.

Let’s be honest, the one piece swimsuits are right around the corner ladies. Bikinis are soooo 2016.

Photo credit: Valérie Laroche


6. If you want that sexy look, you can choose the booty style.

You don’t have to look like your grandma honey. It’s the perfect occasion to show her that it’s not only about old fashion kinis.

7. Men love classic women.

I can guarantee you at 100% that your man will look at you with sparks in his eyes when you’ll have your one piece on.

Photo credit: Émilie Hébert

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