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If you had asked me five years ago where I would see myself five years later, never in life I would have told you with my
own company. I have always worked hard and today, it's paying off. I've always fought to live the most beautiful life possible. When I say "I've fought to live", it is in the true sense of the word. Here is where I was five years ago:

The hours spent in hospitals, I've stopped counting them quickly enough. This is what you probably don't know about the person behind Mimz.

I have a brain tumor. I've learned it after doing two severe concussions. I was no longer functional, I had lost all the energy I had. The tinnitus, hydrocephalic, loss of consciousness, loss of appetite, depression, operations ... It was a very dark period. It's with a supernatural strength that I've passed through all of this and that I realized the importance of living each day as if it was the last one. I NEVER pityed myself on my fate asking me, "Why me?" I rather accepted everything that happened to me and I rolled up my sleeves to the sickness that I was more than a sick little girl.
I clung to my biggest passion, fashion. I had dreams like all, but I put all the eggs in the same basket to get out and
to achieve things that few 18-years-old girls do. I have
so launched my company, Mimz Swimwear, officially on the May 24th, 2017. It took a long time before I open myself about everything I've been through, because I was ashamed of certain way, not to live a normal life like other girls at school. If you have read my article up to here, I offer you a 15% off discount with promotional code "mystory15".

Nobody has the same path and that's what makes us different and unique. Only ourselves can decide our future and the impact we want have (or not) on the world. I decided to hang on to life and I don't let a single opportunity pass between my fingers. I get them all to move forward and I can proudly say that I am a #GIRLBOSS today.

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Bonjour nous nous sommes parler au restaurant la réserve ! J’étais barmaid là bas . Nous nous sommes parler pour la couturière que tu utilisais je voudrais partir mon entreprise dans le domaine du sport mais je n’est aucune idée avec qui faire affaire comme compagnie de couturière alors je pensais à te réécrire pour peut-être que tu puisses me donner un numéro ou lien cela serais grandement apprécié.

Merci d’avance Marie-Eve Dion !

Marie-Eve dion August 13, 2019

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